I would like to share with you images of my collection of Rolex diving watches and some interesting pieces of diving memorabilia. They have been acquired over a period of 30 years as a proffesional diver. They include the Milsub or Military issue Rolex submariner and 2 Rolex Comex Sea dwellers and a pair of Minehunting Tigers tails.
I spent 10 years in the Royal Navy as a Clearance diver, based mainly in HMS Vernon Portsmouth. I was involved with diver training, bomb and mine disposal and mine countermeasures. In 1984 I left the Navy to pursue a career as a Commercial diver in the North Sea, landing my first job with legendary diving company Comex. Twenty five years later i am still working as a diver, having worked in Norway, Africa, Vietnam and various other locations around the world.

My passion for Rolex watches started in 1978, when my parents gave a me a Rolex submariner 5513 for my 21st birthday.

This collection of stainless steel sports watches is unique, because I have had a close and personal history with all of them and i have dived them all to some serious depths. The biggest problem is choosing which one to wear.

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All of my watches have been used for the purpose that they were designed for, and have been used as tools of my trade, all of the dials and hands are in magnificent condition. The cases show a few battle scars of life at the sharp end. There are no shiny corporate give away gifts that have spent life in a box at the back of a safe in this collection, only the real diving deal.

Comex issue 16660 Rolex Sea dweller 1981, Comex issue 16600 Rolex Sea dweller 1992, Rolex Submariner 5513 1978, Military issue Rolex submariner 5513 1976, Rolex Sea dweller 1665 double red 1972, Rolex submariner 1665 Rail dial 1977. Rolex 5510 submariner 1959.

Important: Please note that I am not an authorised Rolex dealer and not affiliated to the Rolex watch company in any way.


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