This is my Rolex submariner 5513, it was my very first Rolex watch, given to me by my parents for my 21st birthday in 1978.
In June 1978, I joined HMS Kirkliston, she was part of Mine counter measures squadron 2, which was based in HMS Vernon Portsmouth. I was the only diver on Kirkliston to have my own Rolex diving watch. The other divers had to make do with a military Rolex submariner, now affectionately known as the Milsub. This watch is my favourite and remains priceless to me. I have dived with this watch to depths well beyond it's 200m rating, it has been on my wrist for well over 1500 days in Saturation, that equates to somewhere in the region of 6000 hours in the water, right at the sharp edge of the British Military and The Offshore Oil industry.
For me the real beauty of this watch lies in its simplicity and its uncluttered dial. A masterpiece in watch design.



The night of my 21st birthday, I became the very proud owner of a Rolex submariner 5513. Celebrating with my family and friends.Just seems like yesterday.I am 3rd from left.


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